Why Delegate ?

The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems limiting leaders today.” ~Eli Broad

Live with purpose

Do you feel distracted from your company’s big vision because of day to day operational needs?”

break free from the mundane

Are you lacking excitement and passion in life because the concerns of your business are draining your time and energy?

Enjoy success

Do you feel like you could accomplish so much more if you just had the right support?

Grow your company

Do you feel like someone on your staff is looking out for you and the company’s best interests?

How It Works

Virtual Assistants Co. exists to resource leaders to live, lead, and maximize their global impact by optimizing their ability to harness their time, passions, skills and resources.


We all work differently. The key to increasing productivity is to understand how you work. By engaging in the discovery process, we can assess exactly how much more productivity can be added to your day.


Once we understand your work habits and preferred ways of doing things, we will present you with a proposal as to how you can best utilize this service and immediately begin experiencing more freedom and time in your day.


Your success matters to us! The strategy by which we monitor and maintain your virtual assistant is specifically crafted to your needs. Our staff is here to assist you in keeping things running smoothly so you can focus on more important matters.
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Global Impact

The way you accomplish your dreams
can help others live theirs!

Give a person a fish and you impact them for one moment on one day.
Give that same person the resources to go fishing and you impact the lives of their family, their village and the world.

Virtual Assistants Co. provides virtual assistant services to american businesses from across the globe. Our workers are intentionally selected, trained and empowered to carry out your duties with competence and character.

When you hire our virtual assistants, you are intentionally sharing resources and education that impacts their livelihood enabling them to discover their life purpose. By choosing to work with us you are positively influencing and changing the world.


At Virtual Assistants Co. we understand that your passions, talents, and strengths impact your administrative needs. Our free consultation will help you assess and identify your administrative needs and help you to maximize your time, allowing you to reallocate your focus on more urgent aspects of your business. Each proposal is client specific offering you a strategic, affordable path forward.

Pre-Discovery complimentary
tier#1: part time commensurate with tasks delegated $250-$500 mo.
TIER#2: PART TIME: 10-20 HOURS PER WEEK $500-$900 MO.
TIER#3: FULL TIME: 30+ HOURS PER WEEK $1200-$1500 MO.

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